Why design thinking workshops are first and foremost business conversations. { Note - All Talks are FREE }

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UXTalk - "Why design thinking workshops  are first and foremost  business conversations."

Speakers -

Sean McGuire - UX Architect bei Microsoft

- 1st May 2021 700PM IST.

Sean McGuire , Microsoft UX Architect, Conference speaker, Book Author: Billboard Design Thinking Moderator Training, LinkedIn Group Leader: Billboard Design Thinking Group
He is a passionate Design Thinker and he believe well executed Design Thinking workshops bring tremendous value to projects and Organizations.

This means planning, preparation and follow up. The point most people miss is that the value creation does not occur in the workshop but after the workshop when consultants and domain experts craft new and better solutions. The workshop is only the input the interesting work comes after the workshop is complete.

Billboard Design Thinking Moderator Training available in Lindell. E-book shop.

Talk Synopsis : -
Why design thinking workshops are first and foremost business conversations.
Your best idea is worth nothing if you don’t have a business rational why management shall inves,


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