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UXTalks - Special Edition
Topic- "Sustainability and UX in the age of Generative AI"

Speaker -
Mr. Vivian Gomes

Chief Design Officer | Co-Founder Human Factors Research & Design (HFR&D) | Shnorh
Member of the Board of Directors - UXQCC, Austria
Google for Startups - Design & UX Mentor   

13th May - Friday 2023 - 07:30 PM

About Speaker

Vivian is a Human-Centered Design leader working hands-on, architecting and crafting experiences at the intersection of human needs, technology and business. Vivian interfaces with teams worldwide to bring innovative and disruptive ideas to life while creating a vision that delights users and profits customers. He works as a core member of management teams to institutionalize design and drive digital transformation through applicable design thinking. He excels in understanding people and systems, and his strengths lie in conducting immersive workshops globally and empowering teams to innovate and build products and solutions. Vivian has mentored design managers/leaders and set up global design centers and research labs across various regions.

He is an UXPA accredited UX professional, UX/Design mentor at Google for Startups, CMU's Swartz center for entrepreneurship, Advisory Caltech East Bay CX Program, a certified Design Sprint master, mentor at ADPlist, Designed.Org and The University of Design. Vivian also serves as a Board member of UXQCC (Austria) and Garranto Academy Singapore and evangelizes culture transformation through Design worldwide.

Summary of talk

This talk will walk the participants through a quick review of the UN sustainability goals. The importance and long term impact to human lives,

  • Why Sustainability is of high importance for designers.
  • Human Centered Solutioning is taking transparency, measurement, going beyond and change in mindsets.
  • HCD Solutioning Rule of the thumb from a earth-care standpoint and the context of sustainability in design
  • Every pixel of your solution matters. Sq pxl is your sq real estate. Learn to plan it well before developing it.

What will participants learn?

  • Learn about relationship between environment and humanity – design approach
  • You’ll also learn that technology cannot fix the problems it creates on the environment e.g Abandoned City of Pripyat
  • E.g. Just optimising daily search use by  a single digit %  can reduce CO2 by tons/da
  •  Examples of digital sustainability

Hosted By : UXTalks - Mr.Tushar, CEO UXExpert, UXTalks, Dir. UXUITraining Lab Pvt. Ltd. .
Having 23+ Years of Industry Experience. now completed 9+ years during this he has launched various services in UX -
UXResearch, UXUIHiring, UXTools, Usabilitylab,
Tushar is also advisor in various companies and work as a consultant for various size corporate.

UXTalks are Live on WebEx - You will receive WebEX meeting Details on email soon..

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