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UXTalk - "Starting a career in UI/UX"

Speaker - Yan Garin - Country Head at Ecole intuit.lab

- 6th June 2021 700PM IST.

Yan Garin - Country Head at Ecole intuit.lab  Experienced Country Head and Director with a demonstrated history of taking up challenges and setting some. Experience from working in the international education and medias industry. Strong skills in Development, Digital transformation, Strategy, and Innovation.

Talk Synopsis - As a director of a design college, Yan is going to talk about UX & UI Education. He has vast experience in Design - UX UI - Training and Mentoring, He is going to touch various topics like - Who can learn UI/UX? ,- The importance of a good foundation, - Similarities and differences with Graphic Design. - Why to learn Digital Product Design and not only UI/UX, Theory vs Practice, How to get ready to work in a world that does not exist yet and various career opportunities in UX and UI Study.



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UXTalks - Mr.Tushar, CEO UXExpert, Dir. UXUITraining Lab Pvt. Ltd. . Having 20+ Years of Industry Experience. now completed 7+ years during this he has launched various services in UX - UXResearch, UXUIHiring, UXTalks, UXTools, Tushar is also advisor in various companies and work as a consultant for various size corporate.




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