Customer focus is a trap - the recipe for successful digital services is user engagement { Note - All Talks are FREE }

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UXTalk - "Customer focus is a trap - the recipe for successful digital services is user engagement"

Speakers -
David Füßer - Founder & Managing Director - KADACON - The Interaction Factory
Host -
Tushar Deshmukh, CEO UXExpert, UXUITrainingLab Pvt. Ltd.

- 15th November 7:00PM IST.

Topic Description:At KADACON, we are on a mission to help product people build better and successful digital products. One of the methodologies we’ve developed to do that is a quantification of a digital service’s ability to generate user engagement. 

Together in this session, we will discuss the following questions to find ways that will make your digital product more successful:

  • why the differentiation between customer and user is important?
  • why building a digital service around features not likely to succeed?
  • how can you increase the likelihood to succeed by building the product for your user?


Hosted By :
UXTalks - Mr.Tushar, CEO UXExpert, Dir. UXUITraining Lab Pvt. Ltd. . Having 20+ Years of Industry Experience. now completed 7+ years during this he has launched various services in UX - UXResearch, UXUIHiring, UXTalks, UXTools, Tushar is also advisor in various companies and work as a consultant for various size corporate.

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